Free on-line counter of words, repetitions and numbers for translators in MS Office 2007-2016 and PDF files

This is a simple yet very powerful FREE counter of words, numbers and repetitions in your Microsoft Office 2007-2016 and PDF files. Supported formats:

This engine was tested on hundreds of files randomly picked from the Internet. Results were successfully compared to the results of FineCount, MS Word and CafeTran. LATIN and CYRILLIC scripts are supported ONLY!

I was not trying to include as many formats as possible, without any testing, that`s why I have this small but reliable list of formats. The following libraries (with licenses) are included under the GNU lesser general public license: PclZip, PhpSpreadsheet, PDFParser, TCPDF, Zend Framework.

What about NDAs I have with my clients?

Your files are NOT stored on the server. As soon as you hit the upload button and get the results, all the data you have submitted to the server gets fully deleted. But YES, strictly speaking, you are uploading your file to a third party server. DO NOT DO THAT if your client is against sharing the file with anything/anyone. Still, FYI, no one will ever see the file, because it is deleted within several milliseconds.

I have developed this online counter to help other translators obtain statistics of files they get from clients - right here, right now. Here is my Proz page (just in case) - Vadim Kadyrov, and my personal web-site -

Why do I need it in the first place?

You can use it to either send an instant quote to your direct clients, or to compare the numbers you get to the numbers translation agencies sent you, just to see if you can accept the file and the deadline. You can use your tablets, smartphones, etc. No need to rush to your computer, or buy/install any additional software! It is online, it`s free, and it`s very easy.